Police on Lookout for 16 Involved in East Austin Thefts

This week Austin Police concluded a three-month investigation targeting property crime offenders in East Austin in an investigation dubbed “Operation Clean Sweep”. Resulting from this effort, detectives issued warrants for 30 suspects who are considered habitual criminals and have plagued the community for months.

Fourteen of the defendants have been arrested and the Austin Police Department is asking for the public’s help in locating the remaining 16 defendants.  

The remaining 16 defendants to be arrested include:

1. December Delight Lane, Black female, (D.O.B. 12-12-86)
2. Latyra Monte Batts, Black female, (D.O.B. 9-19-95)
3. Xavian White, Black male, (D.O.B. 10-22-91)
4. Christopher Allen Pate, White male, (D.O.B. 7-23-85)
5. Marquel Lynn Davis, Black female, (D.O.B. 8-15-88)
6. Valerie Lorea, Hispanic female (D.O.B. 7-14-93)
7. David Curtis Nivens, Black male, (D.O.B. 8-2-91)
8.  Kenneth Paul Russell, Black male, (D.O.B. 9-13-65)
9.  Bruce Waine Gossman, White male, (D.O.B. 8-7-58)
10.  James Clark, Black male, (D.O.B. 7-8-75)
11.  Daniell Marie Spencer, Black female, (D.O.B. 2-22-85)
12.  Jeffrey Gage, Black male, (D.O.B. 1-13-81)
13.  William Daniel Miller, Black male, (D.O.B. 2-8-81)
14.  Aaron Fitzgerald Earls, Black male, (D.O.B. 11-23-89)
15.  Aaron Russell Davis, White male, (D.O.B. 1-21-87)
16.  Brandon Lee Milam, White male, (D.O.B. 9-27-89)

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